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clase de dans bucuresti clase de dans sector 1

Clear and simple...

clase de dans bucuresti clase de dans sector 1

clase de dans bucuresti clase de dans sector 1

Pur și simplu…

Pentru tine,
pentru prietenii tai,
pentru familia ta

We offer DANCE CLASSES in a very diverse range! Choose now the course that suits you best!

 Discover the magic
and enjoy our dance classes

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Discounts for newcomers

The first class


It's never too late to practice new dance styles! We are happy to offer you this discount for your desired dance class when you first sign up to our dance studio!



New Dance classes


Our studio also offers dance classes for children. Dance ... one of the important steps in shaping the personality of your child



Wedding dance

Floating on the wings of dreams ...

Choreography for marriage party


Our team
of instructors

These professionals will make anyone… “go cha cha cha”…

clase de dans bucuresti lectii de dans bucuresti

Cornel Tătaru – Lușu

Instructor and international referee WDC-Ballroom. Licențiate "Escuela Mundial de Tango" Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have tried, in the 28 years since I taught dance, to convey not choreographic steps or sequences, but EMOTION. I am, therefore, a teacher of dance and I hate the monotony, the patterns and any kind of constraints in dance ...

Oana Cehan

Instructor and international referee WDC-Latin. Licențiate "Escuela Mundial de Tango" Buenos Aires, Argentina

The passion for dance came naturally in my life. I did a performance sports dance and I discovered that dancing means much more than just reproducing steps. Connection, communication and emotion are attributes that unite…

Lucian Niță


I am Lucian Nita aka B-boy Crazy Slide (stage name) and perform break dance for 9 years now, I am currently a member of the Floor Control band. My main activity is in the area of children's parties and break dance courses.

Thoughts and impressions
of our students and clients


“I have no words to tell you how excited I am every time I see you in the show with the students. You have such a positive impact on young people dancing, it is motivating to see the enthusiasm and passion for dance ... they are overwhelming! "

– Dorina Sovejanu –



“Very talented dance instructors, dance classes are more than learning to dance… it is also about trusting their dancers. I highly recommend this studio ”

– George Ionescu –



“I have a great respect for you, for the pleasant atmosphere you strive to create at Elegance studio. I look forward to the next lessons

– Mariana Tudose –


Recommendations and news
from the world of dance!


Impro-Dance Classes with Luana Ibacka

You want to dance??
The first steps are towards developing a vocabulary of movement, autonomous and / or with a partner. We propose you a weekly lesson package from IMPRO-DANCE ...

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